Who We Serve

In order to provide the highest levels of personalized service and expertise to each client, we partner with a limited number of wealth management and financial planning clients.

Our clients are successful business owners, executives and high net worth individuals who share common goals such as clarity in their financial life, confidence in their future and the ability to lead a meaningful life.

While every client we serve at Heritage is unique, they tend to share some similar values and traits, such as:

  • They appreciate personal attention and a high level of service.
  • They are at or approaching retirement.
  • They are serious about growing and preserving their wealth now and in the future.
  • They have clear expectations of what they want to accomplish with their wealth for themselves and their loved ones.
  • They care about their family and community.
  • They value expertise and want to receive and implement professional advice.
  • They have clear and reasonable expectations.
  • They are willing to introduce their friends, colleagues, and family members to the Heritage team.

If you share these common goals and values and are looking for the personalized support, service and expertise that we provide, please get in touch to tell us more about your plans and see if we might be the right partner for you in your financial journey.

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